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I’m still working to get the latest EDGE novel out and trying to write the next one. Being an indie writer is amazing, but can also be a bit overwhelming with everything that one needs to learn. Some days I feel like I can barely keep up. (Okay, I can’t actually keep up, I’m mostly drowning in all the stuff I have to do.) But I try to just keep what’s important in the number one position.

The story. Always the story. After writing I don’t have a lot of spare time for anything else, but I’m slowly chipping away at it. A friend wrote a great blog post about going after your dreams. Check it out. Steena Holmes

So an update… I am in copy edits for Edge of Courage. It will be released near the end of Feb. Book Six is being started and everything else is being handled. Mostly.

Here’s a snippet of Dylan and Sarah’s story for you…


He pulled her into his arms, whirling and putting her back against the helicopter. His mouth found hers and heat scorched him. Being with Sarah was like trying to fly in a hurricane. A wild ride, but something he wasn’t sure he’d survive.

He pulled back and stared into her heated eyes. “No more rules, Sarah.”

She leaned toward him without acknowledging what he’d said. He held her back, though his body craved her lips, her touch. “Did you hear me?”

“My rules are simple,” she said. “No strings. I thought a guy like you would love them.” She shifted as if to leave.

He tugged her back into his arms. Mine.

Then he frowned as her words hit him. “What do you mean, a guy like me?”

She quirked an eyebrow, but didn’t make any further move to get away. “You’re a player. You have a different woman hanging all over you every time you’re out.”

He brought his hands to her face and cradled it, keeping eye contact with her, wanting her to see the truth. “There has been no one but you since we met.”

They’d met on an off-books operation his sister Cat had dragged him into, and was the first mission he’d ever done with E.D.G.E.; not even his superiors at the Canadian Special Operations Regiment had known about it. They’d rescued some Nigerian schoolgirls. It had made him proud like few things ever had in his life. It was also when he’d first met Sarah Ramirez—code name Ghost.

She rolled her shoulders as if his words weighed too heavy on them. And he knew he was getting too serious for her. But damn if he didn’t want to push it. There was something about Sarah that stirred his protective instincts. Her mixture of toughness and vulnerability, and the occasional glimpse beneath her ever-present armor made him want to be the one she opened up for. But for now, he’d back off a little.

He ran his hands through her silky hair. “We have the whole night after the debrief. We don’t leave until oh-six-hundred. I’ll make you a deal. I let you use my body however you like for the whole night, and then you go rock-climbing with me when we get back.”

She smiled. “Rock-climbing?”


“It’s amazing. You’ll love it.” He lifted her in his arms and she wrapped her legs around him. He groaned at the sensation of her heat being so close. He rubbed himself against her core. She sucked in a breath and her head fell back, inviting him. He kissed her ear and then dragged his lips down her neck. His breath grew ragged as a small moan escaped her.

“Deal?” he said, his voice a rough demand even to his own ears.

“Deal,” she whispered.

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