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Posted at Jun 21, 2016 9:26 pm

A quick update for everyone. There will be two new stories coming! Edge of Honor will be coming in Aug or Sept (depending on edits). Yay! And there will be a new story just for my newsletter subscribers. I decided that you all might like to know how EDGE Security came about, so I’ve decided to write about Colonel Blackwell. He’s a driven man who gives everything to EDGE and doesn’t ask anything of his teams that he wouldn’t do himself. He’s a bit of a lone wolf especially when it comes to his social life.

Hmmmm. What kind of woman would he fall for?  😉

The new story is called Edge of Defiance. And it will be a serial that will come out in parts in my newsletter (once a month). I hope you’ll enjoy it. I’m having fun writing it. Look for my newsletter in July for Chapter One!



9 responses to “New Stories!”

  1. Julie says:

    So excited about the next book but about this Blackwell individual.

    • Trish Loye says:

      I’m excited too. Colonel Blackwell is the head of EDGE operations. He’s a tough character and fun to write!

  2. Penny Jinks says:

    I’ve really enjoyed the Edge Security books!

  3. Dianne Miller says:

    Is there a release date yet for Edge of Honor?

    • Trish Loye says:

      Hi Dianne! Sorry for the late reply. Sept is a crazy month for me. Edge of Honor will be released mid-October. The exact date will depend on when the final edit comes back. I think saying Oct 13th is a safe-ish bet. 🙂

  4. Dianne Miller says:

    Just finished Marc’s story and loved it. Was hoping that Quinn joined EDGE at the end of the story. Is there going to be a book 8? Will Col Blackwell get his own book? I started getting the “Edge of Defiance” chapters but I think I only received 3. Not sure what happened.

    • Trish Loye says:

      I think Quinn will eventually join Edge.
      There will be a book 8 and a book or novella featuring Blackwelll. I want to start a new series but this series definitely isn’t done yet! There will be more Edge stories in the future. 😊

  5. Dianne Miller says:

    Whoops, Just found the other chapters on your website!

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