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Posted at Apr 27, 2016 5:45 pm

Writing. The deadline for Edge of Honor is coming up fast. I hate asking for an extension with my editor so I’m pushing through. For me, every time I write, I hate my story at three points. Roughly the 25% mark, the 50% and the 75% part. These are the points when I want to stop writing, start a new story and generally think that I’m a crappy writer and the story is utter crap. I’m at the 75% mark and I think my story is boring, dull, and generally crappy. BUT I’m pushing through. Because as every writer knows. You can’t edit a blank page. And THANK GOD, I have a great editor.

Which brings me to another point. I truly value my editor. Jen Blood is amazing AND she gets my stories. I unfortunately didn’t use her on Edge of Courage and I believe the readers could tell. They could tell enough that I modified the story within a week of publishing it. Wow. Lesson learned. If something isn’t working don’t keep pushing it. (EXCEPT when it’s the first draft. haha)

So I’m working on Edge of Honor (and dealing with taxes!) and that’s about it at the moment. The life of a writer is sooo not exciting! I thought I’d leave you with a bit of eye candy. Here’s a picture that makes me think of Jack, my ex-SAS hero of Edge of Honor.

Brave Man With Handgun

(All pictures from

Have a great week!

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