Edge Security: The Beginning

E.D.G.E. Security is a covert international organization that handles jobs most governments won’t. The operators are the elite of the elite, soldiers and spies, chosen for their skills and secrecy, and their ability to go beyond the edge. Before there was EDGE Security, there was only Captain Blackwell, a young operator with Canada’s elite JTF2… Captain Derrick ‘Hawk’ Blackwell doesn’t have time for a relationship. When he’s injured on his latest mission and sent home on leave to recuperate, he decides to help his uncle out at his pub until he can get back to his men. But while on leave he meets Cassandra Kwon, an aspiring journalist, whose questions test his patience and whose fiery spirit tests his control. Cassie works at the pub for money, but wants nothing more than to be a journalist and help bring the truth to the world. The new bartender is hiding something and she intends to find out what it is, and expose it if necessary. The fact that he’s the most intense, interesting and enticing man she’s ever met, is moot…until she kisses him and her story becomes a hell of a lot more personal. When Cassie finally discovers Derrick’s secrets she must decide what is more important: love, loyalty or her career. WARNING: This is a SHORT STORY PREQUEL with a BONUS CHRISTMAS STORY at the end. Bonus Story: Christmas Crisis Cat ‘Valkyrie’ Richards and Rhys ‘Lucky’ Lafayette must deal with missions, missiles and crazy mothers in order to overcome a Christmas Crisis.

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