Not Here Right Now

Posted at May 23, 2012 7:29 am

My brain is overtaxed and my schedule is overfull. I haven’t been able to write a post for quite a while now. Though I’ve had much to write about. I went to Calgary’s Comic Con (seriously cool and geeky). I had a fantastic trip to San Fran with people who are true friends. My mom came to visit and I’m in the midst of querying my second novel. Lots going on.

Unfortunately, my posting is going to be sporadic over spring and summer. I apologize, but that’s life for me right now. I hope you stay tuned. Until then here’s a little bit of funny to tide you over.

If you’ve read or heard about the Book Phenom 50 Shades of Grey then check out this SNL skit.



Kitties and Zombies

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Zombies and kitties? No, it’s not a wacky geek post, just two things I’d like to share with you this week. 🙂

Last week we got a new kitty. Her name is Nika (nee-ka) and she’s a Savannah Cat. She is pretty cute and a little wild. Savannah Cats are bred from African Servals and it’s a new breed so quite a few Savannah’s still have a good percentage of wild cat in them. I think ours is between 5 and 10%, enough to be interesting, but not enough to eat the neighbour’s chihuahua.

Pretty kitty.

Nika's first day at home, sitting on my lap.

Big kitty. Niiiiice kitty.

An African Serval can weigh up to 40lbs, which is small compared to other animals in the wild, but rather large when compared with a housecat. Picture courtesy of

We are very happy with our Savannah kitty. So far in the week that we’ve had her, we’ve made friends, found out she loves to eat feathers and snotty tissues, and have only lost her once. (She was inside the piano… for 2 hours).

Another thing that happened this past week was I read a book. (Please, no jokes. Yes, I read, I can write too.) I loved this book. It was funny, romantic and scary too. A fantastic combination.  Married with Zombies is about Sarah and David, a married couple in marriage counseling when the zombie apocalypse strikes. Who knew that zombies could be good for a marriage?

A funny, dark comedy with a touch of romance and a lot of zombies.

A fun read by Jesse Petersen Just so you all know… I hate zombies. I get nightmares no matter what (yes, I had a nightmare the night I started this book, but I still couldn’t stop reading it!) You should try it. Zombies have never been so good.

So what are you reading? And what do you think of my kitty?


My New Favourite Vacation

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I’ve been offline lately because we were away on spring break vacation. We went to Arizona and stayed near a desert reserve. I always used to think of myself as a beach girl. If I was going to have a vacation then there’d better be water involved. So when my husband asked me to go to the Arizona desert near Phoenix for the first time three years ago, I was totally leery.


I need warmth and water to be happy. Image courtesy of

But the vacation to Arizona would be waaaay cheaper than somewhere with a beach (a WARM beach). My In-laws are snow-birds, those lucky people who get to leave Calgary in the winter (which lasts 10 months) for warmer climes. So on this proposed vacation not only did I NOT get a beach, I got to stay with my in-laws for 10 days. Oh yes, I know what you’re thinking… Heaven.  Ha!  Skeptical Trish went down to Arizona and prepared to smile (no matter what) and enjoy at least the guaranteed warmth of the desert, and some of the mother-in-law’s cooking.

We have now been down to Arizona three times and I think the In-Law Resort is one of the best vacation spots I’ve been too. The MIL (mother-in-law) is a bit of a control freak in the kitchen and preferred that I didn’t cook.

‘What? You don’t want me to cook?’ I asked.

‘No, Trish. It’s okay, I’ll cook,’ MIL said. ‘I prefer edible meals to cook myself.’

‘Well, if you insist. I’ll just go enjoy the view and my high octane margarita.’

I settled into a patio chair, chilled marg in hand. Hubby and Papa supervised the kids. I sipped and watched the sun set over the desert, silhouetting the mountains and the Saguaro Cacti, listening to the birds call to each other and soaking up the warmth from last rays of the day. This is how most of the days went. Yes, Arizona turned out to be a little piece of heaven for me. (Have I mentioned I don’t really love cooking?) And the pool certainly helped with my need for water. Yes, heaven.

Desert sunset

My pics really don't do it justice.

The wildlife is actually quite amazing too.

Can you spot the bunny? (Hint: Look for the little white dot in the center of the picture.)

Staghorn cactus (I think)

Needless to say, I totally enjoyed my vacation. I felt really lucky to have such nice in-laws who would put up with my cranky self kids for 2 weeks.

So what’s your favourite type of vacation? Snow (shudder) or sun? Beach or desert?


Life is Short. Live it.

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This past week, I received horrible news. A friend of ours died in an accident. I want to say tragic accident, and it was, but it was also a stupid, horrific and awful accident. Completely senseless and shocking. She left behind a husband and two young sons. For the past few days we’ve been in shock that such a terrible thing could happen. Now we’re coming out of it and I’m realizing a few lessons.

We need to live life while we can. Yes, it might sound trite, but it’s also completely true. We can’t wait on our dreams, or our life, or bemoan yesterday, or wait for tomorrow. We need to grab life today and wring everything we can from it.

So on that note… my kids are home for spring break and they’re calling me to come play. I’ll be offline this week to enjoy some time with my girls.

Carpe Diem!



Bathing Suit Hell

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Spring break is almost here and like lots of families we will be leaving town. Heading somewhere warm for a much deserved (I think it’s deserved) break. I have been running around in my spare time trying to get the family ready for the trip. Both girls need new shorts, sandals and bathing suits. Despite all the groaning and moaning (okay, it’s mostly mine), I dragged them all to the mall. No one likes it but I persevere because that’s the kind of awesome mom I am.

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered something awful that I need to do to get myself ready. I need a new bathing suit. Normally, on a family vacation I would just wing it with what I’ve got, but it’s been pointed out to me that I can’t keep wearing the one I have. Somehow I’ve managed to wear down my suit to the thinness of sheer mesh on my butt. (Must be all that lounging I do at the pool.) In case you didn’t realize, the butt is not an attractive place for a peekaboo spot on a bathing suit.

Actually, what I dislike most about swimsuit shopping and my shape is that all the suits in my chest size come with padding, like I’m some twelve year old who wants to stuff her bra. Have you ever tried to swimming with padding. It’s not so bad in the water, it’s when you get out. Long after the rest of your swimsuit is dry, your chest is still leaking and wet. Nightmare flashbacks to nursing babies makes you want to hug your chest. In order to get rid of the water, you have to discreetly squeeze your boobs like you’re wringing out a sponge. Sigh. Seriously.

So here are three things I thought would make swimsuit shopping much better.

1. Dim lighting. Or better yet, Candlelight

2. Staff who are psychic and give a ton of compliments. I want someone who actually knows the bathing suit that will look good on me. That way I don’t have to try on a gazillion and then finally buy one that doesn’t suck too bad, just so I can get out.

3. A glass of wine. Or better still…Tequila shots. Seriously, wouldn’t this make it much more bearable? Do you think they’d kick me out if I brought a flask into the change room?

I’m seriously thinking of skipping the swimsuit shopping and just ordering online. Here’s my choice. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available. Bummer.

R2D2 swimsuit

R2D2 Suit from Black Milk (no longer avail)

So what do you think would make bathing suit shopping easier? What’s your favourite type of suit? Seriously, why can’t we all wear shorts like guys do?




Where are all the Heroines? or How Angelina Jolie Killed Female Action Heroes.

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This past week I was asked to enter the hilarious Clay Morgan’s brain child over at Educlaytion, the March Movie Madness match-Up. Where he pits our choices of movie heroes/protagonists against each other. As a huge grrl power proponent, I always think of female heroes first. Ripley jumped to mind, so did Sarah Connor, Nikita, Charley Baltimore from Long Kiss Goodnight (freaking fantastic movie), Trinity from Matrix, Lt. Jordan O’Neil from GI Jane (you may not like Demi Moore but her character was seriously kickass) and even Disney’s Mulan.


Ellen Ripley, the first and fiercest of them all.*

Connor's determination to save mankind made her a legend.*


Then I realized something. All of the movie heroines I’d been thinking of had occurred more than a decade ago. None of the female action heroes of the last decade had made my list. Now it could be that I’m no longer young and hip (okay, I was never hip), but I don’t think so. I love action films and I LOVE ones where there’s a strong female character in the lead role. But I couldn’t find one that I really loved in the last decade besides Neytiri from Avatar.

I know what happened. Angelina Jolie killed female action heroes. Okay, maybe not her exactly, but her characters and the films she was in. It started with Lara Croft in 2001. Jolie took on the role of the big boobed, big lipped, way-too-skinny, Lara Croft and turned female action heroes from females women could envision themselves becoming into parodies of womanhood based on teenage boys’ fantasies.

Ripley’s character in Aliens, blew open the doors for heroines, showing the world that a woman could be tough both mentally and physically, strong minded, determined and could save the world. Then fifteen years later Croft’s character showed the world that women really can’t save the world, but oversexed, supermodels could in some teenage boy’s fantasyland. Characters like Croft, the latest Charlie’s Angels, Evelyn Salt from Salt (another Jolie movie), Alice from Resident Evil have all hammered home the fact that female action heroes are unrealistic, unbelievable and basically a joke. It only matters how big her boobs, lips and guns are. No longer do we see the sheer grit of a true hero in these female characters, just their sexuality.


Look how big my guns are, boys. *

This picture of the Angels is so ridiculous, I don't even know what to say.*

For the record, I have no problems with heroes being sexual, but when it’s the main focus of the character, then I lose interest and the character loses credibility.

But I have hopes for the future. On March 23rd The Hunger Games opens. The main character Katniss Everdeen seems to me like a true female action hero that the likes of Ripley, Sarah Connor and Nikita could be proud of. I for one can’t wait to see the film.




Another fantastic article that came to me via Ilona Andrews was posted on Why Strong Female Characters Are Bad For Women. Check it out.

So what do you think? Do you think female action heroes are a joke? Can they be revived? Or do you think that Lara Croft is better than all the rest? I’d love to hear from you. 

* photos all courtesy of


Gamer Girl

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I’ve been super busy this week and haven’t had time to write a decent post. I promise I will next week. So I thought I’d share a poster I came across by Nicole Kraus. This exemplifies the whole Geek Grrl persona. LOVE IT! Thanks Nicole!

Gamer Girl

Gamer Girl, courtesy of Nicole Kraus

If you’re interested in gaming but are a newbie and don’t know where to start then check out The Mary Sue’s Newbie Guide to Gaming. The Mary Sue is a great new site I’ve started following. A girl’s guide to geek culture. Check it out.


What do you think of Gamer Grrls? Are you one? Are the pictures accurate in your opinion?

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Dog or Cat? Which do you prefer?

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My two daughters have been bugging me for years now to get a pet. The choices have all had a theme: fluffy dogs, fluffy cats, fluffy bunnies, fluffy guinea pigs and fluffy mice. If it’s fluffy, my girls want it.

Tiny fluffy white dog?

Don't ask me. I don't know what it is either. Photo courtesy of

I’ve succumbed to the inevitable. We’ll soon be getting a pet. Now it’s just a matter of figuring out what kind. Believe me if it’s fluffy, it probably won’t make my cut. But I grew up with both cats and dogs. My husband grew up without pets. Neither of us have a huge preference… except, I know I will be the one (the only one) looking after it. Now I am no where near squeamish, but I hate picking up poop. Warm poop is squishy, icky and smelly, and that little plastic baggie that you have to use to pick it up does NOT seem like enough protection. I’ve got two kids, I’ve already got enough poop in my life.  Going for walks twice a day (the first at an ungodly early hour) does not seem like fun, call me lazy, or maybe I’m just Canadian (-20 deg and pitch black, anyone?).

Another issue I have. My family likes to go skiing for a day or two most weekends in the winter. Cats can be left on their own for a day or a weekend with only some extra food in the bowl and the toilet seat up. If you leave a dog for a day or two, then you will come back to shit everywhere, the dog sick because it ate all of its food in one go and then threw it up, and then began to eat its vomit when hungry and re-throwing that up. It will continue on in this vein until there is no more puke to lick up. Leaving a dog for a weekend is definitely not an option. (Believe me, I’ve seen it happen)

So you can see where I’m going with this. I’ve decided (mostly) that we’ll get a cat. No matter what I say, I really do like dogs. But they’re not an option right now. One problem I have is when I tell people that I’m thinking of getting a cat. Most responses are, “But why not a dog?”  Seriously, people? What is it about cats that make people think that only weird old ladies own them. I like cats. What the hell is wrong with them? Yes, some of them are little better than fluffy furballs that only sleep and eat, but there are some really cool cats out there. And I am proud to say that I want one. I don’t care what anyone says. (So what if one day, while living alone in my cluttered apartment, I die suddenly and my pet nibbles on me when it runs out of food. Just because I’m dead doesn’t mean the cat should die too.)

Now onto the dilemma. What kind of cat? I’ve narrowed it down to two choices. The Bengal cat and the Savannah. Check them out and let me know what you think.

The Bengal Cat

The Bengal is a hybrid of the wild Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic. Active, intelligent and gorgeous.

Bengal Cat, the mix of the Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic cat

Bengal Cat. Photo courtesy of


The Savannah Cat

A Savannah Cat descended from the wild Serval. Large, intelligent and active. And of course, gorgeous.

A combination of Wild and Domestic Cat

The Savannah Cat. Photo courtesy of

Both cats are very similar and I’m having a hard time deciding. Price is similar. I might let my husband decide what he wants. Actually probably not. If he does then chances are we’ll end up with another guitar.

What do you think? Are you a cat or a dog person? What’s your take on these wild looking cats? Any recommendations for me?


Cello Wars & Brave

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Something fun to start the weekend off with. It’s been around a bit, but I like it, especially when Chewie and Vadar start dancing. The Piano Guys are awesome.


Here’s a new Disney Princess movie, Brave, that even I can get behind. I’ll be bringing my girls to this one.



Have a fantastic weekend!

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My Geeky Collection

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I generally hide the fact that I have a geeky side from the world. But I noticed the other day, if you walk through my house and look closely, you’ll be able to spot the signs of my closet geekiness. Once I started looking I noticed far more than I realized I had…


She guards my Kitchen.

I drink out of these.

In my Living Room

On my Bedside Table

In my Bathroom

And these aren’t even all of them. I think I might have a problem. My dragons are only the tip of the weird things I collect. One day I’ll show you my t-shirts (I especially love my Wonder Woman one).

What do you collect? Anything weird or stuff you’d like to keep hidden? Please tell me I’m not alone.

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