Book Addiction

Posted at May 4, 2016 3:53 am

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We all have busy lives and we all have too many books we want to read. So many books and so little time! (I moan this all the time.) Usually when I’m writing and getting close to my deadline, I end up foregoing books. They distract me way too much. I’m totally the type of person who can’t stop reading and then has to stay up late to get my work done. Sigh.

I’m a book addict.

I thought I’d found a solution to my addiction, one that would let me get things done. Audio books! I’ve been listening to books while I cook, do groceries, drive my kids around, do laundry and any other chore that doesn’t take all my concentration. (I know technically driving should take all my concentration. 😉 )

Lately, I’ve been listening to Ilona Andrews’s Kate Daniels series. It’s urban fantasy about a truly awesome kickass heroine. I can’t recommend it enough. Unfortunately, it turns out that I’m still an addict. I’m addicted to the story. Once I start a story whether in paper, on audio or even on tv, I can’t seem to stop until I get to the end. I don’t just listen/read when I do my chores, I also listen/read when I’m supposed to be working. So this means, I still lose out on sleep so that I can get all my writing in and still read a book. Sigh. But at least with audio books, my house is cleaner and my kids are getting fed!

Is anyone else dealing with book addiction?



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  1. Susan Bauer-Dominik says:

    I have been addicted for many years. Now that I am retired I hope to get to my over 8,000 books. Most in e form. I have a serious collection of paperback books that has taken over 30 years to collect. Like you book reading first cooking, cleaning etc. second,third whenever.

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