Welcome to my website, where you’ll find stories of soldiers, spies, and high-octane action, all wrapped in a bit of spicy romance. I love stories of strong, kickass women who don’t need to be rescued, and the heroic men who fall for them. And I love having adventures and visiting new places, even if only in my head. What could be better than to combine my two loves in writing? I hope dear reader that you find excitement and romance here. That’s why I do what I do. Because I think we all deserve both in our lives.


Edge of Defiance is LIVE!

Secrets attract Cassie Kwon and as a reporter, it’s her job to expose them, no matter who disapproves or disagrees. She’s no longer the naïve young girl who’d do anything for the soldier who stole her heart. Now she’s a woman who won’t be swayed by a set of stupidly broad shoulders – no matter how much those shoulders remind her of sexy stares and stolen kisses. She doesn’t have time to be pining after some soldier, especially when that soldier is Derrick Blackwell.

When the biggest story of her life takes Cassie to North Korea, she doesn’t hesitate to search for the truth. Alone. But sneaking past the closed border into one of the most corrupt and oppressive countries in the world is not only dangerous. It’s close to suicide. It’s going to take all of her wits to stay alive.

Colonel Derrick ‘Hawk’ Blackwell has dedicated his life to his country and his unit. He’s never let anything or anyone distract him from the task at hand. Anyone, except for one woman with a fiery temper, wild hair and a driving need to discover the truth. But he’s put the woman who broke his heart behind him—as she clearly demanded—until he finds out she’s missing, then he doesn’t give a damn about what she wants. He has to find her.

For two strong-willed people who delight in defying one another, working together has never been easy. But escaping North Korea will take all of their combined skills and if they can’t resolve their differences, they won’t get out alive.


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Edge Security Box Set: Novels 4-6

All the proceeds from this box set will go towards Wounded Warriors Canada.


This box set contains three romantic thrillers featuring military heroes and heroines. Meet the men and women of Edge Security.


E.D.G.E. Security is a covert international organization that handles jobs most governments won’t. The operators are the elite of the elite, soldiers and spies, chosen for their skills and secrecy, and their ability to go beyond the edge.


 Book 4: Edge of the Season
 Ex-hacker, Danielle Everett and her Navy SEAL boyfriend Jake ‘College’ Harrison have worked together at EDGE Security, the covert international organization for the last year. It’s been one of the best years of Dani’s life. But when Jake wants to bring her home to New York, to meet his family, Dani is reluctant. Christmas might mean food, fun and family to Jake, but to her it’s always meant loneliness and heartbreak.
Jake can’t understand Dani’s opposition to his family, but he’s sure that spending the holidays with them will help change her mind. He’s got something special planned and he’s determined to make their first Christmas together unforgettable.
There’s only one problem, an old enemy has decided that all he wants for Christmas is Dani—dead. He’s hired an assassin who will stop at nothing to get the job done. Can Dani and Jake overcome the holiday mayhem and work together, or will this be Dani’s last Christmas?


Book 5: Edge of Courage

Ex-CIA operative Sarah ‘Ghost’ Ramirez likes to work alone. Life has taught her not to depend on anyone. So she has no problem when EDGE sends her to Iraq to infiltrate ISIS, the terrorist organization. But living undercover in a war-torn city overseen by brutal fanatics takes its toll on her. Sarah wants out, but can’t bring herself to leave the people who need her despite the personal cost to her spirit. Only her cherished memories of the man she left behind lets her endure the burden.
Dylan ‘Cowboy’ Richards is a hotshot helicopter pilot for EDGE. He’s been raised to protect others, even when they don’t want protecting. He’s on a rescue op in Mosul, Iraq when he finds out his contact is the woman who walked away from him five months ago without saying goodbye. He wants nothing more to do with Sarah Ramirez, but can’t stop his instinctive need to help her.
When the rescue goes wrong, Sarah puts her life on the line so Dylan’s team can escape. Dylan refuses to leave her behind and ends up caught in her dangerous mission that threatens not just their lives, but their hearts and will take them to the edge of their courage.


Book 6: Edge of Honor

An Esteemed Scientist
Dr. Charlotte Singh loves her job as head of research for EDGE Security, but she secretly yearns for field work and the promise of adventure it holds. At a conference in London, Charlotte finally gets her chance. But working an op isn’t everything she imagined, and the one person who can help her is a dangerously rugged Scotsman who isn’t interested in being part of anyone’s team.
A Disgraced Soldier
Jack Sinclair was kicked out of the British SAS after a mission gone horribly wrong. Now he’s hunting whoever is responsible for the deaths of his men and completely focused on finding justice. He has nothing left but his mission and he won’t let anyone, not even a sexy scientist with a smart mouth, interfere with it.
Opposites don’t just attract, they explode.
When Charlotte’s life is threatened and she’s isolated from her team, Jack can no longer shut out the world or abandon the feisty woman who ignites something inside him. Hunted by terrorists, will Jack and Charlotte have to sacrifice themselves and their burgeoning attraction to the flames? Or will the city of London pay the price?


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 Edge of Defiance is Coming May 23rd!

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